Welcome to Friendly's Sports Bar in Saint Louis County

Friendly's S. Copunty Bar Menu

Available all day

9 Inch Kenrick's Pizzas:

$6 Cheese
$6 Pepperoni
$6 Sausage
$6 Bacon
$6 Veggie
$7 Breakfast
$7 Deluxe
$7 Meat Lovers
Perpperoni & Sausage

Updated information on our FaceBook page. Just click the bottle cap below for more information

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Friendly's Sports Bar Is Located on Bayless Ave,
just a couple blocks East of Hwy 55

Friendly's in the County

Friendly's County's FaceBook Page

There are two Friendly's Sports Bars in Saint Louis. These are two separarte entities. Hours, specials, coupons, etc. for one do not apply to the other. If you are looking for the city location please visit their FB page here.